I’m pretty hyped up about food.

I’ve lived (and eaten) in 4 different cities (so far). I still type with one hand on the keys and the other hovering above “shift.” When I was 9, I tried nearly 10 different kinds of fried shrimp on a road trip with my family and kept record of my findings in a black-n-white composition notebook. I like people who care about other people. I’ll try any food once.

If we’re at a bar, order me a manhattan.

As a recently-assimilated Austin resident, I spend the vast majority of my time looking for things to eat. This blog is the culmination of years of food exploration, ranging from my days at 34th Street Magazine during college to a brief but wonderful food writing stint in my hometown of Cincinnati.

THE FOOD CAMERA IS HERE! BRB while I learn how to use it.

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